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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Great free App for your phone to keep track of what you eat!

I am been busy recently but I am glad to be back.  Last Saturday my older son and I did the 5k Gary Burns run.  We finished in 55 minutes which is not bad at all for us, first timers.  We didn't do any training before, all we did was run 2 times and that's it.

Okay, back to my diet.  I am so eager to check my cholesterol soon. I really want to see if my cholesterol has gone down.  I will probably go to Carter Blood care to donate some blood and I will be able to get my total cholesterol count from them.  

Remember the Android free App, "Fatsecret" that I mentioned in my earlier blog? I totally love it and I am still using it. Recently when I looked back at the Food and Exercise entries, I found that I like to cheat almost every other 2 - 3 days.  I think I have to shape up, I feel that I am kind of slowing down on my diet pace. I have been eating up to 1500 calories which is the amount for maintaining my weight but I think I should start eating less calories than that so that I can lose the last 10 pounds that I need to lose. Even if 3 times a day of bootcamp exercise, I am still not losing any weight.  And the major reason for that is My Cheat days!
I cheat on eating really fattening food.  Like last Friday, I went to the Gatti Town and I ate a lot a lot of Pizza and dessert.  It was a disaster!
Anyway, today is a new day. Like I said, "Set back is a set up." I will do better this week.

Today, I started off with my Twinlab Strawberry flavor shake.  I added a little "flavor" to it. 
Here is my recipe for the  Twinlab Banana Strawberry Soy shake

6oz of Pure Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 scoop of Twinlab whey protein Strawberry Mash powder
1 medium sized banana

Simply put everything in the blender and enjoy!  
Tips:  Go to the sale section of your grocery store and get some extra ripen banana (on sale) banana.        Use Unsweetened Almond Milk to cut down on sugar.  This shake will taste "sweet" if your banana is         ripe.  Get Twinlab Whey protein from Amazon.  They have really good deals and free shipping on a lot of         Twinlab products.  

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