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Friday, November 25, 2011

I am wondering how everyone does after the Thanksgiving feast? I did pretty well this year. Instead of putting gravy on my Turkey, I sprinkled some pepper and a little bit of salt for the taste. I am wondering why most American don't marinade their Turkeys before they cook them? I guess that will give their guests an option of putting extra fat and calories to their Turkey or not. This Thanksgiving, I put a lot of focus on the Turkey and my water. They did fill my tummy up. After the big meal, I decided to eat light and exercise today. This morning, I went to the Grapevine Mills to do some window shopping. I window shopped for 2 hours and I basically walked the entire time. It was a very good and fun exercise. The reason why I didn't buy much of the stuff that were "on sale" because I found that there were not too much sale. The stuff that had "big discount", I absolutely have no desire to buy. I guess the "Black Friday" is so overrated. It just gives the retailers a chance to make some money during this slow season. It is good that people are shopping but do we really need all these junks? Anyway, today I have a great recipe to share with everyone. This is pretty healthy if you go with the low fat option and this is pretty additive as well. This is the famous Harry and David Pepper and onion relish cheese dip. This cheese dip is best with wheat crackers. Two weeks ago, I went to the outlet mall and I found Harry and David in there. I got 4 jars of those Pepper and Onion Relish for about $15. It was such a good deal. Then I used the reduced fat whipped cream Weight Watcher cheese spread. Basically, I used like one 8 oz cream cheese per 4 oz of Pepper and Onion relish. I mixed them up very well and make them my favorite dip. I have used that dip both warm and cold. I actually like it better when it is warm. It is just delectable!

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