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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Healthy Fishy Lunch:

Curry Ahi Tuna with Flaxseed  

This is what I cooked for today's healthy/fishy lunch. Actually, this fish is not that fishy, it is just very "Healthy with a lot of Omega!"

Here is how I made this:

3 pieces of Ahi Tuna (sushi grade Ahi Tuna) about 3 oz.
Curry Powder
Onion Salt (or sea salt)
Flaxseed (powder) about 2 teaspoon.

Add a drop of Olive Oil in the pan.  Turn stove to high heat. Heat up your pan.
Then put the Ahi Tuna into the pan.  Sprinkle onion salt, curry powder and flaxseed on one side (use half of the ingredient on one side and half on the other)
Then turn Tuna quickly to the other side and sprinkle with the same onion salt, curry powder and flaxseed.
Wait for 1 minute.  When the outside of the fish starts turning white (make sure the inside is still red), take pan away from the stove.  Put Ahi Tuna on plate and serve. I love eating Ahi Tuna and the best part of it is the raw uncook part of it is really sweet.  You can definitely taste the freshness of fish!

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