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Monday, October 3, 2011

I won the Belly Blast contest!!!!

This is just amazing. I cannot believe it. This morning the bootcamp owner came over to our bootcamp site to annouce that I am, yes. I am the winner for the Belly Blast Contest.  I lost 12 pounds over 21 days.
I lost 10 % of my body weight.  I won free bootcamp sessions, custom portraiture, spa gift certificate, house cleaning service, free hair waxing service, hair salon certifcation.....

I am just thrill to know that I am the winner.  I can tell you one thing.  If you set your goal and work on it, you can do it!  That's what happened to me. I stayed focus and worked on my goal and I won!
I hope my kids will learn from my experience and work as hard as I do too! 
It is really worth it! 

After work, my hubby called and he said, "What are we going to eat to celebrate today?"
I said, "All you can eat Sushi!!!"  I know it is going to be damaging to my diet but who cares.  If I can go that far to lose all those weight, I know I can keep it off.  

So at the sushi bar, I ate 2 plates of "healthy roll" (I really can't tell how healthy it is because it has all these assorted raw fish and spicy sauce on top)2 miso soup, a plate of teriyaki chicken. Oh man, I was full!  I felt like I gained 10 pounds back.  Anyway, I did not eat my dinner after that, I only drank some green tea and I am now getting ready to sleep.... zzzzz .  I know I am going to sleep tight because I will not wake up in the middle of the night thinking about how much weight I have to lose in order to win the belly blast.  I have already won MYSELF And OTHERS!

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