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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some sort of reminders...

Last night I just downloaded a free copy of the Lose weight without dieting. The animal Kingdom way. This is a very interesting book. I just had this downloaded to my cell phone kindle app yesterday and I had to keep reading and reading until I fell asleep. The interesting points that this book raised about are: -Sometimes we eat not because we are hungry, we might dehydrated. So drink some water and wait for 7 minutes and see if you really need the food. -it is good to keep a eating diary because you want to see what causes you to over eat. Most of the time we eat for emotional reasons. -stay away from the TV when we eat. We have to make an effort in setting up our tables and put the forks and knives on our plates to eat. The reason? We want to make it a hassle to eat so we will eat less often. You know how we like to pick up hot dogs or chips on our way to work and start munching them in our cars! Sometimes we forget our dangerous "eat" driving is! We can gain weight from doing that! -don't eat if you are tired because we all seem to overeat at the end of day being tired from work and school. So in order to start my little food diary, I have just downloaded this free app from the "Android Market". It is called the "Calorie Counter by FatSecret" This is the best app that you can find to keep track of your weight as well as what you eat everyday. All you have to do is scan the label on the food that you eat or search for the name of your food and the app will be able to tell you how many calories you have eaten. I encourage everyone to download this app and the free book that I mentioned. You will see how much you can keep track of what you eat and keep your weight off.

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