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Monday, October 17, 2011

A big meal a week does not hurt me!

For the entire week, I was pretty good with what I ate.  I stayed on track and tried not to eat anything fattening.  My dinner actually included 3 oz meat (either fish, red meat, chicken)every night and then a lot of salad and one kind of fruit. Since the Honey Crisp Apples were in season, I had been eating them for late snack last week. They were so crispy and sweet!

So when Saturday came, I decided to cheat.  My hubby and I went to the "Fine" Mexican restaurant, Cristina's (I guess that what they label their restaurant). To me, Cristina's is a Tex/Mex restaurant and never authentic.  In my opinion, if I want to eat Authentic Mexican food, I will need to go back to California.

We arrived at Cristina's around 4pm and the first thing the server asked was, "Do you want a skinny Margarita?"  I was thinking to myself, "Yes but No!"  I know those skinny Margarita can be deceiving. It can still worth up to 100 calories and more so instead of wasting my calories intake on one drink, I ordered a diet coke.  And for my lunch, I went all out.  I ordered a steak fajitas. 

My order came within 10 minutes. The steak fajitas was marinated in really good tasting spice. I don't know what spices they used but I know it was unhealthy. The grease on the steak was dripping from my fork.

To my surprise, I finished the entire steak! Yes, I did!  It was my fault and part of my hubby's fault.  He said that we had to drive directly from the restaurant to our church because we were already close by the highway and we were not going home to drop off the food. Since I didn't want to leave my leftover in the car, I would rather just finish all of it.

One thing that I have learned from my previous eating experience is never deprive myself.  If I am cheating once a week, I might as well treat myself and be happy.  So I picked the steak fajitas to be my main "cheat" food.   In addition to that, I ate some rice, pico de gallo, gaucamole and 3 tortillas too. Just because they were soooooo good.  I left the beans untouched.  Those beans were very fattening and not my favorite.
Steak Fajitas - served hot and mouth watering!
I left my beans alone!

After all these fattening food, I went right to church. I prayed for God's help for me to digest all the food that I had!!!! : ) Then when I got home, it was my bootcamp time. I was discipline enough to get on my jump rope and jumped for 35 minutes with my favorite show playing on the TV.
35 minutes didn't feel as long as I thought before. Maybe I am used to the jump rope routine. Whenever, I don't have any bootcamp in the morning and if I happen to eat a lot that day, I jump rope. Jumping can help with our core, stability and balance.  It also helps with our bone growth.
Think about all the benefits that you can eat from just jumping 10 minutes- 20 minutes - 30 minutes!
Your heart is bumping quickly when you jump rope and that really helps to lower your cholesterol!
It is a cheap cardio exercise that you can do at home.  I usually do it on my tile floor and with my fan blowing at my back.  I love the breeze while I am exercising.  With your flavorite show playing on TV, it is really hard to tell that you have been working out for a while!  One thing that I really have to recommend though is this special jump rope that I have.  You will never trip on this when you use this.  Dr Vonda Wright Thrive jump rope without rope
And this is Dr. Vonda Wright talking about how to prevent Osteoporosis (which my mom has been diagnosis for years)  Great info for us - women!

By the way, I have to update you all on how I do after my cheat day last Saturday.  I feel great and I am still feeling great right now (Monday morning)!
I did not even gain a pound after eating all those delicious Fajitas steaks!
I tried to eat very little on Sunday to balance out what I did on Saturday and my rope skipping did help a lot!  I am planning on eating healthy again for the rest of the week and then I might even be able to cheat a little by Saturday or Sunday.
I think I am treating myself right!  This is the way to do it girl!

Best books for women's health.

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