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Friday, September 30, 2011

So here I am on the weight in day for the Belly Blast contest....9/30/2011

So I stopped blogging about my detox because I just had a lot of problems only drinking the lemonade with Cayenne pepper and maple syrup.  I did not get any energy during my detox and I felt shaky.
I didn't like the detox at all. I have heard a lot of people liking the result and they feel good afterwards. To me, it is just opposite.  I did not lose too much weight over this and I don't like the constant craving for food kind of feeling.  So I kind of did the master cleanse detox for a week and decided to keep eating healthy. I basically keep my meals small and basic.  I want to eat enough to get my metablism going and at the same time stop my craving.  I don't want to end up eating more than I should. 
So today Friday, is the official weight in day.  All of the girls who participate in the Belly Blast Contest would need to weight in. In our class, there are 5 girls in the contest but only me and another girl stepped on the scale.
I don't know why other girls quit because I do see them losing a lot of weigh for this. Why do they give up at the last minute? I don't know.

So the critical time came, I stepped on the scale and there I was 12 pounds lighter after 21 days of healthy eating. I am glad but I actually want to lose more.   I feel that I could have done better.   I guess as long as my jeans fit better that is a big improvement. I have not checked my cholesterol yet. My plan is to wait till next year when I do my physical.  I want to keep my healthy diet a habit. I want to eat well and make it my routine.  If I can keep my good eating habit going, I will be able to see a good result by next year.  So hopefully, my plan will work out.

I probably will not win this belly blast contest since there are 100 + gals in this. I do want to win myself. I want to kick my bad habit and start something good for myself. 

I will keep blogging and let you know what my healthy meals are and hopefully, it will be able to help some people here.

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